The shocking reality about reservation.

Hi, I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling out here. But I just went through a post at our IIT Guwahati orkut community which provided two astonishing links.
Go to
Enter Roll No: 1132131
The guy is some BRAJMOHAN MEENA
All India Rank : 4929
Rank in ST category : ST9

Now go to:
Enter Roll No: 1132131
And this guy has been alloted, can you guess ??
IIT Bombay CSE (BTech 4 year course), jo mere aane waale next 7 generations mein se koi nahi paa paega. This is just shocking yaar for me, I knew reservation help but I didn’t thought this is the difference.
I am sorry, but didn’t wanted to hurt anyone’s feeling. Just wanted to put this among you all. Don’t know what these politicians really want out of this country.
Also sorry for this guy, whos example has finally come up.
But shouldn’t there be a strong voice against this?