This Poem IsĀ Dedicated ;

To that anonymous person
Who out of fear,
Of Defamation
Remained unknown forever

To that Quiet person
Who in trying to explain others
The reason behind his quietness
Became Talkative

To that escaped prisoner
Who was hiding in cemetery
Among dead people, When
No alive person gave him shelter

To that perfume seller
Who is never tired of naming sweet smelling odours
But his own soul is
Devoid of fragrance

To that Night watchman
Who entrusted God to shield his family
And went over to
Guard the houses of others

To those people
Who talk about uncertain circumstances
But are confidently
Building up their Own homes

To those religious people
Living in a flourishing city
Where there is a Mosque
With No Loud speakers

To that little kid
Who was collecting garbage
In front of
Child care NGO

This Poem IsĀ 

Dedicated …!