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Vipul Satya

To Dream is to Dare

Night of 31st

Whatayyy Night. Listening to some jazz, dim lights, no assignments lined up for tomorrow.

The day has been good so far. Started with Brand Management (I’m falling in Love with this subject. Yes.). Then a surprise test of Retail Management and with the legacy of the prof. we thought we are in for big trouble, but luckily the test was a sitter and that’s that.

Came back, started with Mad Men, must say the 1st episode was pretty good. Back to designing the new logo for Whizon. Expect to see a few prototypes in a few days!
We have a Health checkup tomorrow which I plan to miss since I’ve a lot of pending stuff to do. Thinking of shifting back to use the study table rather than sit on the bed and while away time.
Off for the night!

Evening of 30/07

Sometimes you just let the photos do the talking. As you can see it has started to rain ( well pour) and campus has become altogether a beautiful place to live. The downside being we have to fucking walk for 10 minutes before we reach our classrooms.

Nonetheless, the second last day of the month. BAT went pretty well, if you compare the scores to last time.  Other than that there was this MLLA class we had (Management Lessons from Liberal Arts). I must say the prof. tries real hard but the students don’t give the course it’s due. That’s when I manage to sneak in and Instapaper a few design articles to be read later in the night.

Came back to room, slept for a couple of hours, had dinner worked on some marketing basics ( a few which I managed to miss somehow in the 1st year).

Plan to sleep early tonight, 6 hours schedule tomorrow.


Night of 29/07

It was a busy 28th for me. As soon as classes got over, I left for Phoneix Market city, did some pending shopping, had some not-so-amazing Tandoori chicken and out-of-the-world Chicken Shwarma rolls. The day got over just like that. 
29th came, and the entire day was spent sleeping, reading blogs, watching The Prestige again. What a movie, I mean every time I watch it makes me adore Christian Bale and Christopher Sir Christopher Nolan more. And the subtleties of Michael Caine are just like a sweet dessert after a sumptuous meal.
Have a BAT (Business Awareness Test) tomorrow morning, so I sign out. See you(if you are reading this) tomorrow then.

P.S: #Project3 has been going slowly but steadily, lets hope 2/3 gets done pretty soon! 

Day of 28/07

Finally had  a good sumptuous breakfast in mess. After a long time. As far as I can remember I haven’t had breakfast more than 8 times and it’s been more than a month. Much deserved credit goes to the noctural animal inside me, who prefers to read HBR blogs, and design theories right in the middle of night.

Also I’m wondering how to go about doing a sales/consumer behaviour project all by myself (hunting for topics now!).
The prof. is here. Signing out!

Night of 27/07

This is an attempt to start blogging back. I’ll try and blog about anything and everything that I can. so that I can start writing again.
I hope this is going to help in my exams to fill in more sheets and help me score better and sit for more than half the time.

I have my Industrial marketing report submission tomorrow and International marketing assignment. One thing I never understand is why do teachers give reports to make on the same topic to 200+ students when they know everyone’s going to write the same things? Is it because they don’t want to take the efforts to do something different or that they think students are going to copy anyways!

I think i’ll ask my prof. about that tomorrow and see what he says 🙂

Off for the day.
Plan to go to Pune city tomorrow for a proper meal 🙂