“Beneath this mask there is more than a mortal. Beneath this mask there is an idea, and ideas are immortal.”

Name: Vipul SatyaThe Legend of Vipul Satya
Location: Bangalore, India (unless he is travelling)
Interests: All Things Internet, Manchester United, Eating Chicken
Moody Blogger | Troublesome* Son | Passionate Guitarist | A safe confidante | Dedicated Web Developer| Irritating Brother** | Social Networking Enthusiast | Trustworthy Friend | An insensitive Workaholic | Kid at heart | A designer | chef on demand | Amaetur Photographer |An Entertainer | An Occasional nerd | An enthusiast | Day Dreamer | ABibliophileĀ | Patient Listener | Fanatic Foodie | Part time Philosopher |
are a few words to describe The Legend of šŸ˜‰ Vipul Satya.

Egoistical Biography

Written in the third person during a rather boring and dull class.
He happened to burden this already over-burdened planet on the 4th day of the 5th month of the year 1990. He’s susceptible to extreme mood swings,temperature changes and allergic to all forms of bull****
A few personality traits that define him are :

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” Whoever knows him, vouches for the same. Is known to get under stress and annoyed if things are not done as he would do them: perfectly. Every pixel has to be at it’s right place, consistent throughout.
Photographer.” Each pixel needs to be there for a reason. After having clicked more than 6000+ digital pictures with his Canon SX110, he now shoots the world with his Canon 550D.
Movie buff.” There are very few weekends which are spent without watching at least one or two movies. Comedy, thriller, drama, romantic, anything, as long as it keeps him entertained and seated in one place for around 2 hours.
Mr. Photoshop.” The software was created for him and he for Photoshop. He can turn any image to his own creation with some time with Photoshop. He made a habit of gifting photos of his work and there’s nothing else that can be that customized for anyone. Don’t forget to get yours.
Fast learner.” To be able to study for exams with only a hour left, would be hara-kiri for most, but that is the manner in which the Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Panjab University is being persued.was done. His MBA from SIBM Pune is being pursued. was done.
Creative.” His tendency to get bored in a spilt of a second has heightened a hormone called creativity to double up in his blood levels and as a result is illustrated through his photography, designing, blogging, etc.
Trustworthy.” Another quality that sets him apart from the crowd, if he’s given his word, you wouldn’t need anything else.
Dynamic.” Hardly a man to get bored with; if you want to learn multi-tasking the recommended dosage of one hour with him would be more than enough.
Marketing guy.” The persuasion skills taught by his dad are instilled so deep, that he can sell anything and everything under the sun
Chicken lover.” Any place with good chicken: be it a restaurant, friend’s kitchen or even a dhaba which boosts of any well prepared chicken dish, he can be found.

And then the class ended.

About the Website

This is my space. All mine. Itā€™s a web journal about my outlook on happenings in and around life, Sometimes a rant, sometimes a protest, sometimes humorous and sometimes philosophical.
This is not an attempt at journalism. You will not find breaking news or reviews here (not the paid kind, at least). Neither will you find tips on how to improve your computing life, or life in general. I donā€™t do product pitches either.

This is a highly opinionated space about what I see happening, or what I do, in the web. I try to be logical and fair in my comments, but like someone once said ā€” ā€œAll opinion is biasedā€. Hence, there will be more than once when you will not agree with me.


Who the hell are you? Writing this stuff? What have you done in life?
I’ve tried answering that before; but if you’ve reachedĀ thisĀ tone there is nothing that I can say that will convince you of anything. Think of me as a self proclaimed pompous ass/kid and ignore me. Please IĀ insist.

I don’t agree with what you say.
Nice to know but that’s not a question

Do you accept design work?
Sometimes.Ā Not anymore. ButĀ happy to helpĀ if I can.

What the heck?
I have no idea either.