Poetry | Vipul Satya

Vipul Satya

To Dream is to Dare

Looking for...

Looking for hope !
I went to madman
Who , wandering on streets
Was searching for life
He never had
I was hopeless
More then ever …!

Looking for friends !
I was surrounded by people
Who call themelves my friends
They were a bunch of buterflies
Who after sucking the nectar..Flew away
I was alone..
Lonelier then ever …!

Looking for love !
I loved you ..
My love was larger then life
My heart was innocent then child
Inspite my love remains only on one side…My side!
I hated this world
More then ever ..!
Looking for right words !
I went quiet Like ..silent waters
I was calm ..Yet deep frm beneath
They thought ..
The guy has nothing good to talk about
I went quiet
Quieter then ever …!

Looking for light !
I surrounded myself by darkness
Blind darkness became my peace of mind
Unlike the world..
I left behind
I was lost
More then ever !

Looking for myself !
I find out
I always searched
Right things
At wrong places …!


This Poem Is Dedicated ;

To that anonymous person
Who out of fear,
Of Defamation
Remained unknown forever

To that Quiet person
Who in trying to explain others
The reason behind his quietness
Became Talkative

To that escaped prisoner
Who was hiding in cemetery
Among dead people, When
No alive person gave him shelter

To that perfume seller
Who is never tired of naming sweet smelling odours
But his own soul is
Devoid of fragrance

To that Night watchman
Who entrusted God to shield his family
And went over to
Guard the houses of others

To those people
Who talk about uncertain circumstances
But are confidently
Building up their Own homes

To those religious people
Living in a flourishing city
Where there is a Mosque
With No Loud speakers

To that little kid
Who was collecting garbage
In front of
Child care NGO

This Poem Is 

Dedicated …!

Two lovers

Two buildings, facing each other,
Two young hearts, beating for each other,
On two balconies, far away from each other.

They shut off the world behind the balcony doors,
And met each night as the cool wind blowed,
And they shared all that happened in the day,
By gestures that said all they had to say.

They never met in the street for it was forbidden,
By lines of religion that others had written,
They shared their feelings late into the night,
Waxing n waning in the soft moon’s light.

They showed each other every new dress for approval,
And wished each other on every festival,
All by signs, never speaking a word,
Come summer, rain or winter, their love endured.

Then one day there was commotion outside,
The girl and her family had committed suicide,
The boy was heartbroken, and never would know,
How the smiling girl could conceal such great sorrow.


Every night after, he sat staring at the empty balcony till late,
Like a swan that pines at the death of his eternal mate,
And when he could take it no more,
He jumped to his death from the balcony floor,
And the love across balconies was no more…

To You

I’d like to thank the stars,
For bringing midnight light.
I’ve written songs about my broken heart,
And songs about the fight.
But it’s time I turn away from you,
It’s time I walk the line.
Spread our chasm far apart,
It’s time I say goodbye.

To you.
And all you had to do,
Was cry!

And I’d love to greet the moon,
If it weren’t so high in the sky.
I’ve written serenades for your true love,
I’ve written songs about your lies.
But it’s time I start to take steps back,
And relay all your truths.
‘Cause this race we’re running,
This race track, will only lead me back.

To you.
And all you had to do,
Was cry!

And now you’re filling,
Your negative spaces.
With all your blunt lies,
You mask all your faces.
So you start, you’re just falling,
Down onto the ground.
And you wish, And I wish,
We both wish, you were around.

So I’d love to take a chance,
Just one stab in the dark.
But turn the lights on,
Right before,
I pierce you through the heart.
I think it’s time we leave each other,
And walk on our own paths.
Because no matter any way I go,
It’ll always lead me back.

To you.
And all I ever do,
Is cry!

I care no more

Pourings of my despondent soul
Fed hungry flames through storms and winds
Let consummate fire take its toll
For consequences uncared, unknown
The heart of gold now used as coal

Emptiness was all that’s gained
With hollow screams that filled the space
While injured pride- insults attained
The insatiable whorl sucked on
And cruel scars of love engrained

Spiritedness long lost its spark
Misused, abused it wilted lies
Mirthless extractions of emotions stark
Beyond excessiveness have crossed
To die a desolate death in dark

Devine keeper of my inner core
Betrayed I’ll stand, but bear no grudge
With freedom you may choose your course
Excesses have now melt those bonds
Humour yourself  I care no more

Just Mine...

You tell me we’re through
In front of your crew
Hoping to get a reaction
In revenge for your contraction.
I look away from you
Whispering that it can’t be true.
You and your friends mock me
I want nothing more than to flee.
Then you have the audacity
To ask to remain friends with me.
I shake my hand and draw my gun
My turn to laugh as your friends all run.
Now you’re all alone, how does it feel?
Your mind must surely start to reel.
Going over the events of your life
Seeing your joys, sorrows, pain and strife.
You don’t want me? That is fine.
I must then kill you and make you mine.
Together we’ll be immortalized
The whole world will sympathize
Hold your breath as the bullet flies
To your head, a second between my eyes