Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum on hitting 500 million users What’s the company going to do to celebrate? We’re going to get our engineers together and fix a lot of bugs. We don’t have anything huge we’ve changed in our last six months, but we’ve had probably 1,000 little bug fixes and improvements. I worry about how […]

Nike fires majority of FuelBand team, will stop making wearable hardware ?

Nike is gearing up to shutter its wearable-hardware efforts, and the sportswear company this week fired the majority of the team responsible for the development of its FuelBand fitness tracker “Partnering with industry-leading tech companies is nothing new for Nike,” Nike’s Strong said. “We have been working with Apple to develop products since 2006″ No […]

Galaxy Gear – Worth it?

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has got yet another price cut and will now retail at Rs 14,990. This is the second such price cut in a month, after Samsung slashed prices of the smartwatch from Rs 22,990 to Rs 19,075. Nope. Not even now.

Understanding Google

An excellent article by Ben Thompson on why Google is focusing less on Android and why Chrome is the focal point of all future developments.  

Dear Notion Ink

I was there last time –All the time. When the first prototype of Adam was delivered, when we toppled Oprah’s blog as the most read blog on the eve of pre-orders being launched.  When the Weather UI mockups were released. I saw it all. The crescendo and the fall after that. Every now and then […]

Microsoft Surface – iPad killer my ass!

June 19th 2012 – Gizmodo comes out with an article and makes a bold prediction of Microsoft surface making the iPad  and Macbook Air obsolete. They make claims of how Microsoft has out-Apple’d Apple, how the Surface is a device Sir Johny Ive would make if he had complete control over hardware and UI. How the […]

Godspeed Tim Stevens

Yesterday night, something strange happened. The nicest guy in Tech, who for once more than filled Josh’s big sized shoes at Engadget has resigned and decided to move to something else. All the best Tim for all your future endeavors, You’ll always be remembered for being the man amongst the world of fanboyism.

PRISM – The biggest hoax ever played – Either ways!

Washington post came out with a report about the NSA having access to servers of the big 9 tech companies, whose products/services are being used by billions of people around the globe. To say it shook the tech world would be an understatement. It was surprising but what followed was a strong response by every major […]

False Advertising Redmond

Microsoft came up with this witty video ad below: While the ad was witty and was taken in good humor as the Mac vs PC series that ran some years ago, to top it up Microsoft came up with this page: This is where trouble started. Have a look at this: It compares the […]