Dear Notion Ink

by Vipul

I was there last time –All the time.

When the first prototype of Adam was delivered, when we toppled Oprah’s blog as the most read blog on the eve of pre-orders being launched.  When the Weather UI mockups were released. I saw it all.

The crescendo and the fall after that.

Every now and then I visited the blog hoping for a new post. Gradually the frequency reduced because there was no content coming up. In a way I was happy, Rohan and team were not revealing their cards.

Last year, they did some real innovation in terms of both Hardware and Software, their UI was way way ahead of the Touchwiz and the Sense UI’s that prevailed back then. They launched. They failed. Others conquered. The big guns clearly made the most of this failure, including making changes in design and UI clearly inspired by that of Adam’s. In a way it was a victory but the fanboy in me was sad. Sad for the fact that this victory could have been that of Notion Ink.

Fast forward to 2013. We’re seeing leaks again of the new Adam II with a side screen for notifications and all. Rohan, I request you not to reveal any features till you’re ready to ship. I do not want anymore “Over promise and under deliver” accusations neither do I want other companies to get inspired from the Adam and implement new features and ship products before you guys can. I want Adam to be a success. I want it to disrupt the “upgrade tech specs and get a new version” tablet market.

I want it to be the change. And young padawan the force is strong with this one.

All the love, hope and expectations

– Adam FanBoy!