Looking for...

by Vipul

Looking for hope !
I went to madman
Who , wandering on streets
Was searching for life
He never had
I was hopeless
More then ever …!

Looking for friends !
I was surrounded by people
Who call themelves my friends
They were a bunch of buterflies
Who after sucking the nectar..Flew away
I was alone..
Lonelier then ever …!

Looking for love !
I loved you ..
My love was larger then life
My heart was innocent then child
Inspite my love remains only on one side…My side!
I hated this world
More then ever ..!
Looking for right words !
I went quiet Like ..silent waters
I was calm ..Yet deep frm beneath
They thought ..
The guy has nothing good to talk about
I went quiet
Quieter then ever …!

Looking for light !
I surrounded myself by darkness
Blind darkness became my peace of mind
Unlike the world..
I left behind
I was lost
More then ever !

Looking for myself !
I find out
I always searched
Right things
At wrong places …!