Microsoft Surface - iPad killer my ass!

by Vipul

June 19th 2012 – Gizmodo comes out with an article and makes a bold prediction of Microsoft surface making the iPad  and Macbook Air obsolete.

They make claims of how Microsoft has out-Apple’d Apple, how the Surface is a device Sir Johny Ive would make if he had complete control over hardware and UI. How the Surface works as a laptop (thus making Macbook Air obsolete) and works as a tablet (thus making the iPad obsolete)

By the way, when Surface was used as an laptop it failed in comparison to the Macbook Air, when used as a tablet you guess which device triumphed.

Microsoft had a killer device in place – It had a huge marketing blitz to support it. There was a big hype over the Metro UI and Windows RT being the next big thing in OS world. What happened then?

Simple. It just didn’t work. When you get new bugs every other week, it can not.

Users were confused between Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT.

Developers prefered Windows Mobile and Windows Pro to develop apps

Even some of the closest partners didn’t see Windows RT as a platform to bet upon.

One year and a month down the line.

We get this
As sales flounder, Microsoft will drop prices on Surface RT tablet

and. THIS.

Walt Mossberg: Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Air offers amazing, all-day battery life


Microsoft took a $900 million hit on Surface RT this quarter