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Best Business Schools in India for Marketing

The most realistic rankings as of now

Best Business Schools in India for Marketing

1. Indian School of Business (Hyderabad / Mohali)
2. IIM Bangalore
3. IIM Ahmedabad
4. FMS Delhi
5. SPJIMR Mumbai
6. IIM Calcutta
7. SIBM Pune
8. JBIMS Mumbai
9. IIM Lucknow
10. MICA Ahmedabad

Though they missed on XLRI, IIFT-D, MDI of which XLRI and IIFT-D certainly deserve a Top 5 Spot.

iOS 7 App Switcher Concept

Nice concept. There has been a increase in concepts coming of late indicating it’s time to move from the subtle iterations to adding more features and still keeping it user friendly.

Imitation and Innovation


HTC launched it’s (yet another) flagship device yesterday. As always another Android device that is way better than an iPhone in terms of hardware specs but when you zero down to software and other features it’s a different story altogether.

  • It still ships with Android 4.1 – I don’t know where the problem lies – Is it with Google or OEMs but the rollout certainly needs to be faster
  • Google Now is buried deep within the system, adding complexities isn’t innovation. As Ken Seggal says in his book Insanely Simple “Removing clutter is the byproduct is simplicity”
  • It is a new version but still is HTC Sense that hogs your system processes


HTC and the likes have to up the mantle in terms of developing UI and Software, Google can give them a headstart, Jellybean 4.2 FYI is a great one, all they have to do is capitalize on that and not screw it up like Samsung did with it’s Touchwiz. I doubt despite the fact of Touch wiz being criticised up down left right Samsung will do away with it in the upcoming S4.

I’ll leave you with a quote from John Gruber of Daring Fireball about the innovative UI and features of HTC One –

Aluminium casing with antennas integrated in the exterior? Long press the home button to get a voice-driven interface, double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking switcher? Can’t quite put my finger on where I’ve seen these things before.

Things to do before graduating

Here’s a to do list that needs to be finished before I graduate from SIBM Pune

1. Goa.

2. The much awaited Sunday Brunch at Marriott   Check.

3. Explore Mumbai Bombay Street food again (Md. Ali road et al.) Check.

4. Start blogging regulary Check.

5. Hit the Gym Check.

6. Write the journal once daily Check.

7. Design your homepage

8. Hit Blu-O for bowling! Check.

9. Kashid and Alibag

10. Mahabaleshwar

11. Lonavala/lavasa

12. Win another competiton Check.

13. Start freelancing again (just for kicks!) Check.

14. Get the Moleskine Star Wars limited edition journal Check.

P.S: Will be updated as and when required

P.P.S: Things not in any order of priority or importance

Last Updated: 26th March.

That Awkward Moment

When you are feeling so frustrated but have no one to go to. So what do you do then – Keep calm and carry on!


On a social media lockdown with immediate effect.

4th August

The first thing that most of us do the first thing in the morning is check our cellphones, right? So did I today morning. Imagine snoozing the nth alarm of the morning and suddenly getting a text from the CR that class has been cancelled! Boy was it the best way to start my day! Dismissed all the alarms and slept till noon
Then there was Mahindra War Room launch in the campus in the evening. They have pretty interesting sectors to look into this year. Let’s hope we can at least reach the campus finals.
Nothing much happened otherwise. Off for the day

3rd of August

Well well well, so as expected Achin got a big bashing yesterday and so did his room mate Kartik it was sweet revenge for me :D. Moving ahead I had classes till 2. Slept my way through the afternoon and then we went to this place called Le Royalé in Hinjewadi, had a sumptuous buffet and came back!
The mock up for the logo has been made, looks like it will come out pretty nice!
Planning to start with sales distribution tomorrow, off for the day now!

2nd August

Rakhi today! I wish I was back at home.. anyways finally I completed the last ritual of being a true hosteler, getting rakhi tied by a (male) friend, and courtesy the campus freeze there are no buses plying to Pune city, as a result had to spend the entire day at the campus, went to Prasanna for a quick dinner. It’s Achin’s birthday tomorrow as a result his room mate Kartik is up for a big butt-kicking tonight and I’m so looking forward to it!

1st of August

5 low intensity bomb blasts in Pune. One person got injured and luckily no one was killed. So much for a welcome to Mr. Shinde as the new Home Minister. My roomie was at the very spot barely 2 hours ago! Lets see what the government plans to do now!
As a result of what happened there’s a campus freeze tomorrow (i.e 2nd August) – safety precautions from the college. Have come up with a mock concept of the new logo for Whizon. Plan to draw it out tomorrow.

Just as the day was about to end, got a call and This changes everything. Again. 🙂