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To Dream is to Dare

Day Dreamers

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”



I  was reading THE LOST SYMBOL by Dan Brown and happened to glance on the last word of the book and it was HOPE.

A question came in my mind. What is hope? and i had nothing but my past experiences to answer it. Read the rest of this entry »


Rendezvous came and went. It was a mix of the best days and a few worst hours of my life because of some illogically immature people. Sad to say but i have no choice but to live with this fact! The 5 days i had been waiting for the past 360 days to be more precise from 18th september 2008 came and brought with them a promise. A promise that said Vipul it’s gonna be the best time of your life. Ask me it was. I got 3 out of 4 of my wishes fulfilled. Let’s not talk about the unfulfilled one. I hope to fulfill it next year. Overall it was good and bad. I still can not figure it out.

Perhaps I never will be!

Have no attachments, Allow nothing to be in your life… that you can’t walk out on in 30 seconds if you spot the heat around the corner!  – Al Pacino

God damn true!

What is yours is always yours...

Once upon a time on a cold wintry August evening, it poured down heavily. She quickly removed her deep blue umbrella from the bag she always carried. Hesitantly, she stretched it as little drops of rain already started soaking her long beautiful wavy hair. As she raised the umbrella over her head, she scanned through the street for any sight of a taxi and found none. Slightly irritated at this, she started walking ahead absolutely fretting the idea of walking through the muddy water that flushed through her feet. Although the umbrella was big enough to cover her, the pleats of her light coloured partially transperent saree were completely drenched until knee. To avoid further soaking she took refuge under a banyan tree that stood all its life in the midst of that not-so-busy street. All the other passers-by held anything they had in hand to cover their head and ran helter-skelter for shelter. Hawkers quickly paddled their way through the fleeting rain droplets. The small children gripped to the grid of windows of their houses with immense excitement at the sight of the rain and earnestly pleaded their mothers to let go into the rain. Even street dogs barked their way until they found shelter beneath the window sill of a sweet shop. Within the next couple of minutes the street was almost devoid of any activity. Although occasional rain drops trickled down her face and shoulders from the little gaps the tree allowed, she stood there deeply engrossed in an attempt to dry her half drenched saree and slowly unfastened her hair from a loose braid and left it open.

Meanwhile, he started walking hurriedly through the street. He was tall and had an average build. He had his briefcase held upon his head in an attempt to cover it by his right hand and his left was engaged in unfastening his neck tie. Large rain drops fell on his spectacles slimly placed over his sharp nose almost blurring his vision ahead. He took long strides until he reached the banyan tree to escape the rain. The two minute journey from his workplace to the banyan tree drenched him almost completely. He stood beneath the tree soaked in rain, feeling cold and wiping off the water that ruined the lens of his spectacles. After a couple of minutes the two refugees of the old banyan tree realized each other’s presence. In the darkness of the rainy starless sky they could not see each other. She looked away as if looking at him would mean encouraging a conversation between them. She had never liked to interact with strangers.
His mobile rang and he groped in his pocket for it. It was a call from one of his collegues at office inquiring about his conveyance to home. Although, not very clear she heard his crisp voice through the showering sounds of rain and felt an unsettling chill in the already cold weather. He felt like a less stranger to her then. Soon after he hung up, a loud thunder struck a nearby tree followed by lightening and overcome with curiosity, the two strangers faced each other and saw a flash of the other’s face in the light for the first time that evening. His deep piercing look cut through hers and she remained transfixed unable to say or move. He stared at her and she stared back at him with almost double intensity. He looked away as if he wanted to escape the stare and did not want to look back, but she kept looking at him observantly. His mind spun 360 degrees reminiscing good old memories of how lot better his life was years back. The rain wasn’t any better. Instead of settling down it just got more fiercer with every passing minute. A strong wind blew and the banyan tree swayed its leaves in mutiny. She fixed her gaze on the mud puddle in front of her and seemed to be brooding over endless thoughts.

The wind blew stronger and she tightened her arms around her body to defend the cold. Her long hair flew about happily and one blessed strand entangled with his shirt button. It took almost an eternity to enstrangle it from the button and in those few precise minutes, she could feel his breath and found an invincible warmth close to him. Her large liquid eyes looked into his with staunch repentance. He felt overwhelmed. That is when he caught the first clear glimpse of her that evening and it felt as though tear tracks were marked all through her cheeks.He felt a deep sensed agony. Emotion welled up from within and she hugged him tight as if she feared losing him again. He held her tight in his arms and consoled her with reassuring warmth. Her beautiful face was pressed against his chest and love suffused.

” Dont go back. I need you ! “, she sobbed through the words.

” I will never…”, he re-assured.

My Story

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.
Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.
My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.
One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot.

Just Mine...

You tell me we’re through
In front of your crew
Hoping to get a reaction
In revenge for your contraction.
I look away from you
Whispering that it can’t be true.
You and your friends mock me
I want nothing more than to flee.
Then you have the audacity
To ask to remain friends with me.
I shake my hand and draw my gun
My turn to laugh as your friends all run.
Now you’re all alone, how does it feel?
Your mind must surely start to reel.
Going over the events of your life
Seeing your joys, sorrows, pain and strife.
You don’t want me? That is fine.
I must then kill you and make you mine.
Together we’ll be immortalized
The whole world will sympathize
Hold your breath as the bullet flies
To your head, a second between my eyes

About Me

Finally Writing Something about me, that’s from my heart…
1) I speak, what I think. I’ll speak in front of you, whether it’s good or bad, I don’t believe in backstabbing. Hate me or like me, that’s me.

2) There is just ONE person who knows me thru and thru.

3) I’m rather a shy person, I don’t make new friends easily,

4) I used to hate girls way 4 years back :|, but one girl changed my views toward the “half world”, but still, I’ve just two female friends in my life. The reason I don’t call every girl a friend, is just because, I never want to sound as one of the perverts or flirts. I’ve already lost the best thing I had, and I’ve no plan to be in relation with anybody in future.

5) As I grew up, I realized, the guys I refer as Friends can’t understand me,
I’m friends with someone, who can understand me.
I need someone, with whom I can share my emotions,
I don’t ever share my grief with my parents, because I can’t stand them in pain

6) I respect my parents with full load, I know they have a high status now, but I also know how much they have struggled in past, and that’s why I never try to act like son of a rich father, because my father was never one
All I need is their presence and love, that’s the best gift I’ve till date 🙂

7) I’ve a very bad habit of ignoring people. Please forgive me for this. I’m a lazy bum and quiet a moody person, it all depends upon my mood, no I hate attitude, but there’s nothing I can do, once I make an image of someone, it’s too hard for me to change it, and I treat the person like that only.

8) Music is medicine to me, my computer remains on for 20 hours a day, I admire great lyrics and guitar tunes, and I’ve found my god in form of music. My music taste is too odd from others, on one hand I listen Classics, and on other I prefer Rock, a combination of contrast.

9) Yep, I don’t believe being spiritual , I don’t like the orthodox ideas, but I still respect each and every religion, I’m a true secular person, I don’ believe in any sort of discrimination between two when parameters remains same.

10) I know, people hate me for every second reason, but I’ve no plans to change myself, I’m tired of changing myself every time for others. When I was a nerd, people laughed at me, when I tried turning into geek, people laughed at me, when I tried turning into rascal, I felt humiliation, when I tried writing , people taunted me, when I tried dancing people made a pun, there’s nothing for me in this place.

11) I don’t believe in “enemy of a enemy is a friend” and vice versa, I’ve my own personal identity.

12) By no means I’m a cool dude, infact most people get bored of me. I don’t need and fame or status, I love to remain a common, normal, person. But yes, I love to be in touch of my idols.

13) I’m too sentimental, and snobbish. I’m too weak at heart.

14) I’ve a multi-face, maybe ‘m a jack of all trade, master of none. And till eternity, I’ll be same, I’ve many things to learn, one of my dreams is to be a multi-lingual.

15) I know I’m a bad person, but for the last time, I’m gonna change myself, and I’m trying now, to be a human.

16) It’s not that ‘m always eager to help , but Whenever I help anybody I do it with total dedication, I’ve done that past, and that’s my best part 🙂

17) I’m not any tech-geek , I’m not a hacker, and I don’t want to be one in future, from past two years, I’m learning about things related to technology, a day will come when I’ll be satisfied with my earned knowledge , ‘m waiting for that day. I’ll achieve my nirvana that day.

18) Don’t know why every time, I write long texts, people hate this thing, nobody has time to read lectures and speeches 🙁

19) If after reading all this, you feel, that we’re not compatible; there’s nothing I can do. I love my friends, don’t know, what they think of me, I’ll be always there for them.

20) But Still, I’m happy, I’ve achievements also, so what today is not mine? I’ll fight for tomorrow.. If at all it comes…

The shocking reality about reservation.

Hi, I just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling out here. But I just went through a post at our IIT Guwahati orkut community which provided two astonishing links.
Go to
Enter Roll No: 1132131
The guy is some BRAJMOHAN MEENA
All India Rank : 4929
Rank in ST category : ST9

Now go to:
Enter Roll No: 1132131
And this guy has been alloted, can you guess ??
IIT Bombay CSE (BTech 4 year course), jo mere aane waale next 7 generations mein se koi nahi paa paega. This is just shocking yaar for me, I knew reservation help but I didn’t thought this is the difference.
I am sorry, but didn’t wanted to hurt anyone’s feeling. Just wanted to put this among you all. Don’t know what these politicians really want out of this country.
Also sorry for this guy, whos example has finally come up.
But shouldn’t there be a strong voice against this?

Frozen Time...

Disclaimer : The two leading characters ‘He’ and ‘She’ described in the following post are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

The clock ticked and it said 18.31. There he sat leaning by the window in the darkness, holding a coffee… watching the distant sun sinking low in to the earth’s crust… thinking how this world had turned up side down for him overnight. It had been almost 200 days since she had left him when he needed her most. And each day seemed like a year for him as if the time was frozen…he was lost, everything was shutting upon him and he wondered whether he was stuck in a tunnel with no light at the end, with no idea which way to go. There he sat, with a greeting card on the table before him which he had purchased spending 3 hours in the stores the previous morning, hoping that he could send a card on her birthday. The day had finally come, but the card was still with him untouched. With no prior notice, tears ran down his cheeks, spilled on to the card and got absorbed into a heart shaped love symbol. Then in an instant it started to rain as if the nature was trying to console him “I am with you” with its watery drops. He tried to smile looking at the heart on the card, but his lips seemed hesitant to oblige his intended actions. Instead a hysterical laugh spread across his face, a laugh which showed pity at his awful pathetic state. A state where he dint have any contact address or a mobile number of his loved one to wish her, a state where he was helplessly waiting for someone like me to write a post to wish her and to let her know how much he was missing her. So here I am, to wish his (or is it should be ‘used to be his’?) dear one.
Just few days after the tragic separation happened, the cruel reality left him with only two choices: Remember and be sad – or – Forget and be happy. Though everyone around him said that the second choice was the best thing to do, he chose the former one since he knew that the only reason why he was still alive was her ‘unrusted memories’. Leaving her memories behind would only kill him. In a way, he lived the past. He always knew he just couldn’t break off from her sticky chains and in the first place, he never tried enough to. He was literally stuck there in a room filled with nothing but merciless loneliness and grief. Only she held the key to unlock him from that, but she chose not to. He screamed and screamed “I don’t deserve this”, but none of his screams couldn’t penetrate the thick walls of the room. So there was no way his friends could know about how much hurt was there behind those poor eyes, only he knew. And he was tired of pretending to be happy in front of his friends. Even he thought how much thought he should have given about the pain he will go through. The happiness he had longed for was all gone…One stupid mistake, one stupid crush, one stupid love was all it took. And he was paying the price for not thinking before his actions. She took the best of him away. But he never was exhausted hoping with all his heart. His heart no longer gasped for air, but for her. He loved her for what she had been to him and hated her for what she had done to him. He missed her as much as he loved her…
There he sat fighting the battles no one knows… remembering the past, though it caused nothing but pain, and he invited the pain with a fake smile on his lips as long as she was a part of it. There he sat thinking of the best times they had together talking to each other, those lovely jokes, her standard ‘he he he’s… though it only made him feel even worse. Then with astounding bitterness, came to his mind, her last words “don’t try to contact me anymore”. He never knew he had an ability to endure this much pain.
There he sat thinking of her and turned to look at the clock and it said it was only 18.32.