About Me

Finally Writing Something about me, that’s from my heart…
1) I speak, what I think. I’ll speak in front of you, whether it’s good or bad, I don’t believe in backstabbing. Hate me or like me, that’s me.

2) There is just ONE person who knows me thru and thru.

3) I’m rather a shy person, I don’t make new friends easily,

4) I used to hate girls way 4 years back :|, but one girl changed my views toward the “half world”, but still, I’ve just two female friends in my life. The reason I don’t call every girl a friend, is just because, I never want to sound as one of the perverts or flirts. I’ve already lost the best thing I had, and I’ve no plan to be in relation with anybody in future.

5) As I grew up, I realized, the guys I refer as Friends can’t understand me,
I’m friends with someone, who can understand me.
I need someone, with whom I can share my emotions,
I don’t ever share my grief with my parents, because I can’t stand them in pain

6) I respect my parents with full load, I know they have a high status now, but I also know how much they have struggled in past, and that’s why I never try to act like son of a rich father, because my father was never one
All I need is their presence and love, that’s the best gift I’ve till date 🙂

7) I’ve a very bad habit of ignoring people. Please forgive me for this. I’m a lazy bum and quiet a moody person, it all depends upon my mood, no I hate attitude, but there’s nothing I can do, once I make an image of someone, it’s too hard for me to change it, and I treat the person like that only.

8) Music is medicine to me, my computer remains on for 20 hours a day, I admire great lyrics and guitar tunes, and I’ve found my god in form of music. My music taste is too odd from others, on one hand I listen Classics, and on other I prefer Rock, a combination of contrast.

9) Yep, I don’t believe being spiritual , I don’t like the orthodox ideas, but I still respect each and every religion, I’m a true secular person, I don’ believe in any sort of discrimination between two when parameters remains same.

10) I know, people hate me for every second reason, but I’ve no plans to change myself, I’m tired of changing myself every time for others. When I was a nerd, people laughed at me, when I tried turning into geek, people laughed at me, when I tried turning into rascal, I felt humiliation, when I tried writing , people taunted me, when I tried dancing people made a pun, there’s nothing for me in this place.

11) I don’t believe in “enemy of a enemy is a friend” and vice versa, I’ve my own personal identity.

12) By no means I’m a cool dude, infact most people get bored of me. I don’t need and fame or status, I love to remain a common, normal, person. But yes, I love to be in touch of my idols.

13) I’m too sentimental, and snobbish. I’m too weak at heart.

14) I’ve a multi-face, maybe ‘m a jack of all trade, master of none. And till eternity, I’ll be same, I’ve many things to learn, one of my dreams is to be a multi-lingual.

15) I know I’m a bad person, but for the last time, I’m gonna change myself, and I’m trying now, to be a human.

16) It’s not that ‘m always eager to help , but Whenever I help anybody I do it with total dedication, I’ve done that past, and that’s my best part 🙂

17) I’m not any tech-geek , I’m not a hacker, and I don’t want to be one in future, from past two years, I’m learning about things related to technology, a day will come when I’ll be satisfied with my earned knowledge , ‘m waiting for that day. I’ll achieve my nirvana that day.

18) Don’t know why every time, I write long texts, people hate this thing, nobody has time to read lectures and speeches 🙁

19) If after reading all this, you feel, that we’re not compatible; there’s nothing I can do. I love my friends, don’t know, what they think of me, I’ll be always there for them.

20) But Still, I’m happy, I’ve achievements also, so what today is not mine? I’ll fight for tomorrow.. If at all it comes…