To You

by Vipul

I’d like to thank the stars,
For bringing midnight light.
I’ve written songs about my broken heart,
And songs about the fight.
But it’s time I turn away from you,
It’s time I walk the line.
Spread our chasm far apart,
It’s time I say goodbye.

To you.
And all you had to do,
Was cry!

And I’d love to greet the moon,
If it weren’t so high in the sky.
I’ve written serenades for your true love,
I’ve written songs about your lies.
But it’s time I start to take steps back,
And relay all your truths.
‘Cause this race we’re running,
This race track, will only lead me back.

To you.
And all you had to do,
Was cry!

And now you’re filling,
Your negative spaces.
With all your blunt lies,
You mask all your faces.
So you start, you’re just falling,
Down onto the ground.
And you wish, And I wish,
We both wish, you were around.

So I’d love to take a chance,
Just one stab in the dark.
But turn the lights on,
Right before,
I pierce you through the heart.
I think it’s time we leave each other,
And walk on our own paths.
Because no matter any way I go,
It’ll always lead me back.

To you.
And all I ever do,
Is cry!