Two lovers

by Vipul

Two buildings, facing each other,
Two young hearts, beating for each other,
On two balconies, far away from each other.

They shut off the world behind the balcony doors,
And met each night as the cool wind blowed,
And they shared all that happened in the day,
By gestures that said all they had to say.

They never met in the street for it was forbidden,
By lines of religion that others had written,
They shared their feelings late into the night,
Waxing n waning in the soft moon’s light.

They showed each other every new dress for approval,
And wished each other on every festival,
All by signs, never speaking a word,
Come summer, rain or winter, their love endured.

Then one day there was commotion outside,
The girl and her family had committed suicide,
The boy was heartbroken, and never would know,
How the smiling girl could conceal such great sorrow.


Every night after, he sat staring at the empty balcony till late,
Like a swan that pines at the death of his eternal mate,
And when he could take it no more,
He jumped to his death from the balcony floor,
And the love across balconies was no more…